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Deep well-being.

IRACROSS is a CE 0373 certified medical device.

If you are a healthcare or qualified medical professional, you can request additional information.

Give relief to osteoarthritic suffers with IRACROSS, the one shot cross-linked hyaluronic acid treatment. A single injection for extended well-being.

High molecular weight (2400-4000 kDa).

Elevated degree of purity, low concentration of nucleic acids and proteins, extremely low endotoxin level (under the limits set by the European Pharmacopoeia)

Prevents cartilage degeneration

Restores the viscoelastic properties of synovial fluid

Improves motor and joint function

Innovative formula based on Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid with DVS guarantees a prolonged well-being up to 12 months after one single injection.

Hyaluronic acid, through the use of cross linking agents such as DVS (Divinyl Sulfone), takes a reticular configuration that gives to the product greater stability and resistance to degradation by hyaluronidases thus, extending the duration of the treatment compared to those based on linear hyaluronic acid.


01. Reduces the pain caused by a mechanical overload in the joint

02. Improves movement and joint flexibility


Inject IRACROSS in the joint in a single-shot application.

Treatment with IRACROSS involves the injection of a 2 ml syringe containing 2% Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid gel, repeated over time depending on the patient’s symptoms.

Single-shot treatment lasts 12 months.
Each shot placement does not exceed the amount of one syringe per treatment session. Depending on the joint’s severity, the beneficial effect of a course of treatment can last up to 12 months. If additional treatment is necessary, it is recommended to wait for 12 months. IRACROSS treatment affects only the joint’s injection site and does not produce a general systemic effect.

IRALINE 4 treatments involves the injection of a 2 ml syringe containing 2% Linear Hyaluronic Acid, repeated with a personalized therapy established by the attending physician, depending on the patient’s symptoms for a total of 3-5 weeks.

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IRACROSS® is a CE 0373 certified medical device.

Healthcare professionals wishing to purchase LKC Pharma’s medical devices can contact the company by sending an email to shop@lkcpharma.com.

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