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Renew the skin you’re in.

Polinuvalift® is a CE 0373 certified medical device.

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POLINUVALIFT® is a viscoelastic, sterile, non-pyrogenic, absorbable intradermal injectable solution, based on polymerized polynucleotides (PDRN) of animal origin (salmon*). An innovative and effective way to restore skin firmness and elasticity and ensure healthy skin protected against free radicals and cellular damage.

*Salmon DNA is similar to human DNA. Researchers also found that salmon DNA is very safe and compatible with the human body without causing any adverse side effects. The salmon DNA used in POLINUVALIFT is purified to be free from other components (such as proteins) which may trigger an immune response.

wrinkles after just 3 treatments

  • Skin healing program
    3 sessions about 4 weeks apart.
  • Maintainance
    1 treatment every 6/9 months.

Improves tissue regeneration and restores skin tone and elasticity

Targets free radicals and oxidative stress, increases local vascularization

Increased product elasticity

Better maneuverability for the operator, means greater comfort for the patient


NUCLEOTIDES are organic molecules that serve as the monomer units for forming nucleic acid polymers, which are essential biomolecules within all life forms on Earth. Polynucleotides are natural fractions of DNA, an important tool for regenerative medicine to promote anti-aging processes.

The anti-free radical action of POLINUVALIFT prolongs the activity of hyaluronic acid, reducing its degradation by around 40%. Injections of Polynucleotides may be layered with hyaluronic acid-based fillers in order to prolong the duration and maximizing the effects of the latter.

1 prefilled syringe x 2 mL25 mg/mL polymerized polynucleotide based gel2 TSK needles 30GFace, Neck, Décolleté, Underarms, Hands, Inner thighs, Abdomen, KneesImproved skin tone and elasticity, reduced wrinkles and fine lines. Promotes tissue improvement and faster healing as a post-surgery treatment


Type of treatmentFiller treatment
Skin hydration
Skin healing and wound repair treatment
Biostimulation of endogenous collagen production
ContentsLinear Hyaluronic Acid 2%PDRN Polymerized polynucleotides 2,5%
ActionAddresses signs of aging
HA draws water to the skin to keep it hydrated and plump
Prevents moisture loss
Reverses aging by repairing skin at cellular level
Repairs damaged dermal cells
BenefitsRehydrate severely dry skin
Smoother skin texture
Firmer, more elastic skin
Repair severely damaged skin
Reduce appearance of pigmentation and scars
Accelerate wound healing
Regulate oily skin
Minimize enlarged pores
Treatment programFirst 3 treatments to be done 4 weeks apart
Subsequent treatments can be done every 6 months
First 4 treatments to be done 2 – 4 weeks apart
Subsequent treatments can be done every 6 months

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Polinuvalift® is a medical device.

Healthcare professionals wishing to purchase LKC Pharma’s medical devices can contact the company by sending an email to shop@lkcpharma.com.

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