Aranel® 2.0

Aranel® 2.0

Global definition

It’s the ideal treatment for the most common of imperfections: medium-sized wrinkles, the definition of lip contour and scars. It’s suitable for all areas on your face and has a long-lasting remedial effect.

Concentration20 mg/ml
HA Molecular weight2400 – 4000 kDa
Cross-linking AgentBDDE
Free Residual BDDE< 0,05 ppm
DirectionsWrinkles on nose/cheek area, lips, brow, tear trough, temples
Injective AreaDeep dermis
Duration of results4 – 6 months
Needles27G 1/2” o 26G 1/2”

For the treatment of deep wrinkles and to increase the volume of the lips. Suitable for nasolabial and deep glabellar folds. Also recommended for the treatment of large areas, it defines the volume and corrects hypo-volumetry.

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