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Whitening peeling

Renew your face, renew your age.


The cream Whitening Peeling, based on glycolic acid with depigmenting and lightening action, has exfoliating and keratolytic properties that stimulate skin renewal. The superficial layer of the epidermis, where the major impurities are found, is removed, thus giving oxygen to the underlying cells that allow the regeneration of the skin. Suitable for face, neck and décolleté. We suggest to carefully follow the indications of use of the product and, as a second step, apply Whitening Cream to enhance the depigmenting action and soothe the skin surface.


Stabilized Glycolic Acid to restore skin’s elasticity and form

Paraben and preservative free

Perfume-free, non-irritating

Clinically and dermatologically tested

What does it clear up

01. Skin with dark spots

02. Hyperpigmentation

03. Small superficial discoloration

04. Hypersensitive skin

05. Increased whitening effect

How to apply

  • Clean your skin thoroughly.
  • Apply to clean skin with a cotton swab, massaging gently
  • After a few minutes, remove with a damp cloth.
Sensitive skinMax 2 minutes
Normal rosy skinMax 4 minutes
Dark and/or oily skinMax 5 minutes

For best results, follow up with the Whitening Cream

This depigmenting cream will leave your face and décolleté smoother and more elastic for an extended period of time.

Protect the treated area with HYALUSUN® SPF 50 during the day

Prevent photoaging with a new generation protection using Dermahyal® Sun technology.

Whitening treatment line

For your skin this and much more

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