Smart working: the effects of blue light on the skin

For many people, smart working has become part of their daily routine and has led to a significant change in their lifestyle. Although our skin is less in contact with smog and the weather in general, it is also put to the test within the walls of the home. One of the factors that can ruin it, but at the same time among the least known, is the blue light emitted by electronic devices and screens such as smartphones and computers.

What is blue light?

Blue light, also called HEV, acronym of High Energy Visible, is a particular type of light that is also present in nature but emitted mainly by LEDs on electronic screens and lamps. Excessive exposure to blue light can cause damage:

  • eyes: in the medium term it causes visual fatigue, dry and irritated eyes, redness; in the long term myopia, retinal tissue degeneration, and cataracts;
  • mood: headaches (due to increased vision fatigue), insomnia (blue light has a direct influence on melatonin production, affecting the biological clock and the sleep/wake cycle), drops in concentration;
  • skin: causes premature skin aging, such as the formation of wrinkles and spots, as well as a loss of tone.

How to protect yourself from blue light

To fight the negative effects of blue light, it’s important to keep the device screens as far away from the face as possible and lower their brightness level. In addition, recent devices have added the “Blue Light Filter” function, which consists of superimposing a reddish layer on the screen to change the color temperature.

Blue light and power supply

The effects of blue light on the skin can also be fought at the table. The secret is to prefer antioxidant foods such as tomatoes, red fruits, kiwis and carrots. In front of the computer, sip green tea, an antioxidant drink that protects the skin against free radicals and thus premature aging.

Blue light and skincare

As a daily skincare, however, it is good to begin the day by thoroughly purifying the skin of the face with a gentle cleanser and always apply a moisturizing cream enriched with elements that stimulate the skin’s oxygenation and fight the formation of free radicals, such as vitamin E.

Hyaluronic acid is another essential cosmetic ingredient to fight the signs of skin aging thanks to its extraordinary moisturizing effect. Thanks to its ability to retain water molecules, it helps to give the skin softness, elasticity and tone.

Finally, to eliminate dead cells, we recommend a scrub at least once a week and then apply a detoxifying mask to strengthen the skin’s defences.

With these little tricks, you can continue working in smart working without ever fearing for the health of your skin.

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